Sony PMW-FS7 w/ Zoom and Prime lenses
Sony PDW 700 w/ Std and wide angle Zoom Lenses
Sony A7riii
Canon C300 w/ full complement of EF lenses
Sony PMW F3 w/ Sony Prime lenses
Latest GoPro Hero Cams
Osmo Gimbal Stabilized Cam
Canon XC10 4K camcorder


6 Lectrosonics Wireless Mic systems
Sound Devices 442 and 633 field mixers
Countryman, Tram, Lavelier mics, RE50 handheld microphone
Sennheiser MKH-60 Shotgun microphone with carbon boom pole


Aadyntech JAB Hurricane-Bicolor 2K
Socanland 1×1 bicolor LED Panel lights
Intellitech Airlights
Intelitech Litecloth
400W Kino Flo Kit
200W Kino Flo Kit
400W Joker HMI Kit
Assorted Grip and Gaff Equipment


Solo 3DR Drone (FAA licensed UAV pilot)
Portable Jib
Dana Dolly
Flanders Scientific 21” monitor
Panasonic 17” monitor
Odyssey 7Q+ HD monitor and recorder
Sachtler Tripods
Ronin M Stabilized camera platform