Sony PMW-FS7 w/ Zoom and Prime lenses
Sony PDW 700 w/ Std and wide angle Zoom Lenses
Sony A7riii
Canon C300 w/ full complement of EF lenses
Sony PMW F3 w/ Sony Prime lenses
Latest GoPro Hero Cams
Osmo Gimbal Stabilized Cam
Canon XC10 4K camcorder


6 Lectrosonics Wireless Mic systems
Sound Devices 442 and 633 field mixers
Countryman, Tram, Lavelier mics, RE50 handheld microphone
Sennheiser MKH-60 Shotgun microphone with carbon boom pole


Bicolor Astra 6 Lite Panels
JAB Hurricane-Bicolor 2K
Socanland 1×1 bicolor LED Panel lights
Intellitech Airlights
Intelitech Litecloth
400W Kino Flo Kit
200W Kino Flo Kit
400W Joker HMI Kit
Assorted Grip and Gaff Equipment


Phantom 4 Advanced
Mavic Air
Mavic Pro 2
Portable Jib
Ronin-S gimbal
Dana Dolly
Flanders Scientific 21” monitor
Panasonic 17” monitor
Odyssey 7Q+ HD monitor and recorder
Sachtler Tripods
Ronin M Stabilized camera platform